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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

During this time of uncertainty, Merrick Foundation wants to make sure we are keeping our communities up to date.  Our goal of this page is to create an information hub, where community members can go for accurate and truthful information.  If you or your business would like to add information, please email us at  If you would like to volunteer for various needs that may come up over the next several weeks, join our volunteer list.  We will connect you with those in need of assistance.

The Central City Mall and City Transit have teamed up to offer a weekly delivery service to those in need.  Click here for instructions and the order form.

How to Protect Yourself

* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has great information available. Click here to become familiar with their guidelines on how to protect yourself.

Other Online Resources

* Click here for great resources on how to talk to your children about COVID-19.

* Click here to access cases and latest updates from the CDC.

*Click here to access a map of Nebraska, which shows total tests, breakdown by county, etc.

Central District Health Department Update The CDHD serves Hall, Hamilton & Merrick Counties. You can call anytime with questions you have about COVID-19.  During business hours, please call 308-385-5175.  On the weekends/after hours, you can call 308-385-5370.

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Update

* Be aware of scams by checking out the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

* Our local newspaper, The Republican Nonpareil is working to update their site daily, while also conducting local interviews.  Click here to access their website.  News or updates can be emailed to or They can also be reached at 308-946-3081.

* If you are looking for information about unemployment insurance, click here.

Central City Public Schools

* Seniors are officially done.  K-6 are receiving their last packet, scheduled to be picked up the week of May 11th.  7-11 will have their final assignment on the 14th with everything due the following week.

* They are working through ways to still give students the experience of proms, graduations, musicals, summer school/extended school year for those with services, etc.  Graduation has been scheduled for July 5, 2020.

* All are focused on managing student needs and providing assistance where they can.  This is an emotional time for students.

* The mental health of students is incredibly important and something that continues to be a growing concern.  Check in on your neighbors and friends. 

Central Nebraska Community Action

* Continuing to provide services to Merrick County. Angie Lane can be reached by calling 308-946-3794.  There is no face to face interaction; however, she is able to get food/hygiene items to those who need it by making arrangements.

* They can refer you to services if you have questions on where to go – including unemployment.

* SNAP Outreach Hotline is available too and their number is 1-855-444-5556.

* They are unable to accept food donations at this time. 

Chamber of Commerce

* They are reaching out to their Chamber members to see how they can be of assistance.

* They are able to share Chamber business related information via email, on their web page and through Facebook.  They would encourage Chamber members to continue letting them know of changes/updates to scheduling.  They can be reached via phone at 308-946-3897 or via email at

City of Central City 

* There is still hand sanitizer available should people need it.  Contact the city to arrange pickup.

* The new DHM does allow for ball fields and parks to re-open.  There are still no organized sports.  Equipment within the park is unable to be used.

* They are researching to find accurate and reliable information so they can make the best decision about re-opening.  They understand the demand for wanting everything to re-open, but they also want to do it safely.

* They have recently received additional direction from the Governor to not open pools until at least July 15th.  They are working through next steps and will work to open the pool if they are allowed to do so.

Economic Development

* Their website ( has a lot of resources for those looking.

* The EIDL is now open for agriculture only and up to $10,000 is available per application.

* Reach out to Miles with any questions.  The number to the City offices is 308-946-3806.

High Plains Community Schools

HPC is closed through May 31st. All HPC activities and campus is closed. HPC learning program April 6-May 6th. Visit HPC website for more information and for lunch program sign up:

Merrick County

The Merrick County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to close all county buildings effective immediately subject to arrangements being made for essential court business and notices being posted accordingly.  All county offices will remain available for appointments as needed and scheduled in advance.

Merrick County Child Development Center

* Working to keep rooms to 10 children or less and will remain open at this time.

Merrick Foundation

* We have launched a fund to help with COVID-19 relief.  Information can be found here.

* We have reached out to the schools, child care centers and senior centers to let them know we are ready and able to assist when needed.

Merrick Medical Center 

* They are resuming procedures on May 11th.

* Any patients that are scheduled for surgery will be swabbed prior to for their safety as well as the safety of staff.

* They are still able to test all the patients for COVID-19 who need it, with results coming back within 24-36 hours in most cases.

* Their stock of PPE is remaining steady.

* Masks do provide some extra level of support.  Make sure they are covering both your nose and mouth.  There are studies that show if both parties are wearing a mask; the likelihood of transmission is reduced significantly.  If you sneeze or cough in public, while wearing a mask, you are helping reduce your transmission should you have it.

* All visitors to the hospital and clinic are wearing a mask. They can bring their own or they will be provided with one.

Updated Visitor Guidelines-

     * A healthy adult support person will be allowed in a few limited circumstances:

     * Patient arriving at the emergency department (limited to one, if needed)

     * Pediatric/Minor patient—19 years or younger (limited to one parent/guardian)

     * Outpatient or clinic patient needing support and/or transportation assistance (limited to one)

     * Dependent adult needing special assistance—as determined by patient’s nurse/manager

     * Patient care partner needing teaching and instructions before discharge—as determined by patient’s nurse/manager

     * Outpatient or clinic patient needing support and/or transportation assistance (limited to one)

     * Patient receiving end-of-life care—number to be determined by patient’s nurse/manager

     * Special circumstances—as identified by manager

We do have an iPad for those that might need to communicate with long term patients.

Please go to the Merrick Medical Center FB page for a current update on the virus.

Call the Clinic during the day (308-946-3845) and the Hospital at night (308-946-3015) if you have any questions/concerns about whether you have COVID-19.    

Nebraska Christian Schools

Nebraska Christian will have their last elementary packets the week of May 11th and some end of year online pieces into the following week before summer break.

Graduation plans have required arduous planning and re-planning as we learn more. Family will be assigned parking spots and will stay in their vehicles. If weather permits, we will have graduates walk across the stage for a moment of recognition (only one on the stage at a time). 

We are excited to send these graduates off as well as we can.

Palmer Child Care

* Closed as of 3/25/2020.

Palmer Public Schools

Limited staff will be at the school buildings each day from 8:00-4:00 if you need to pick up/drop off student packets. Please do NOT come to the building if you have had a fever and/or respiratory symptoms, had close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, or have traveled to any area that has recommended self-quarantine.

All activities are postponed indefinitely. This means no practices, games, concerts, banquets, etc. 

Region 3 Behavioral Health Services

* They offer mental health/behavioral health services regardless of the ability to pay.

* Questions can be directed to 1-800-321-4981.

* Medicaid has suspended collecting all co-pays.

* There are webinars that focus on Coping with COVID-19.  Those will be shared on Facebook.

Senior Center 

* To-Go Meals are available each day from 12:00-12:30 at The Good Life Center.  Those who are in need of a meal will have it delivered to their car and then are to return home.  Only one meal per person can be served.  Menus for each week will be given on Friday, posted in the newspaper and in our newsletter.  If you would like a meal, please call by 2pm the day before to reserve your meal.  The Senior Center's number is 308-946-5176.

* Home delivered meals will continue, and the delivery person will leave the food by the door and wait for a response.


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