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Agency Funds

Agency Funds - Cont'd

  • Merrick County Child Development Center fund was established to pay the monthly construction loan for the Center. By supporting the Merrick County Child Development Center you are helping to ensure quality care and education for the next generation of Merrick County citizens.

  • Merrick County Museum Special Project fund was established to put plans in motion to build a new museum in Merrick County. A proper facility is needed to preserve the irreplaceable documents, photographs, and artifacts that tell the stories of our past.

  • Merrick County Entertainment fund was established for the construction of a new premium movie theater in Merrick County.

  • Merrick County Historical Museum Endowment fund was established for the purpose of operating and maintaining a new museum facility.

  • Merrick County Needy Endowment fund was established for the purpose to provide perpetual financial assistance for persons and families suffering financial, employment, medical, or other economic hardship.

  • Merrick Medical Center Foundation Endowment fund was established for the purpose of benefiting and supporting the Merrick Medical Center and Long Term Care.

  • North Blue Cemetery fund was established by family members of Lois A. Millsap for the general upkeep of the North Blue Cemetery.

  • Palmer School/JackDinsdale fund was established by Jack Dinsdale for the purpose of funds to be available for Palmer School in-house grants and scholarships.

  • Storm Youth Sports fund was established for the participation in athletic activities to develop skills that will contribute to successful athletic programs at the High Plains Community School District.

  • Tri-Community Foundation was established for community betterment projects in the Clarks, Polk and Hordville communities.

  • Valley View Recreation Association fund was established for the purpose of golf course/club house improvements and development.

  • Widman Community Enrichment fund was established to provide educational and purposeful movie showings to the residents of Merrick County and surrounding areas.

  • Willa Freelend Memorial Garden fund was established in memory of Willa Freelend.

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