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Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds

The Clarke Recreation Fund is a field of interest fund that supports any sports organization, that is not connected with a school, within the Merrick County area, including Hordville. The fund would like to benefit kids up to 18 years of age.

A Field of Interest Fund is a type of charitable fund that donors establish within a community foundation to support a specific area of interest or cause. Unlike a general-purpose fund or a donor-advised fund, which may allow donors broad discretion in their grant recommendations, a Field of Interest Fund is designed to focus on a particular field, cause, or issue.

Key features of a Field of Interest Fund include:

  1. Specific Focus: Donors specify a particular area of interest or cause that they want the fund to support. This could include education, health, environment, arts and culture, or any other defined field.
  2. Flexible Grantmaking: While the donor designates the field of interest, the fund typically allows for flexibility in grantmaking within that area. This means that Merrick Foundation has the discretion to allocate grants to organizations or projects that align with the specified field.  
  3. Community Impact: Field of Interest Funds are often created to address specific community needs or contribute to the well-being of a community. This allows donors to have a targeted impact on issues they care about while still giving the community foundation flexibility in responding to changing needs.
  4. Endowment Model: Like other types of funds, a Field of Interest Fund can be established as an endowment, with the principal amount invested to generate income. This income is then used to support charitable activities in the designated field.
  5. Long-Term Impact: Because Field of Interest Funds are often endowed, they have the potential for long-term impact. The fund can continue to support charitable activities in the specified field for many years, providing ongoing contributions to the community.

For example, a donor might establish a Field of Interest Fund to support education in their local community. While they entrust the community foundation to make specific grant decisions within the field of education, the donor's original intent is maintained, and the fund contributes to educational initiatives over time.

Overall, a Field of Interest Fund is a philanthropic tool that allows donors to channel their giving toward specific areas of interest while providing the flexibility needed to address evolving community needs within that chosen field.

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