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Donor Advised Funds

Start a fund, build a legacy.

Jack & Gretchen Dinsdale opened a donor advised fund at Merrick Foundation in 1996.

Our goal is to connect people who care with causes that matter. Starting a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) can offer numerous benefits for individuals or families looking to engage in strategic and impactful philanthropy. Here are five main advantages of beginning a Donor-Advised Fund at Merrick Foundation:

  1. Immediate Tax Deduction:  One of the primary benefits of establishing a Donor-Advised Fund is the opportunity for an immediate tax deduction. Contributions made to the fund are tax-deductible in the year they are made.
  2. Simplified Charitable Giving:  A DAF streamlines the charitable giving process. You and your family can make a lump-sum contribution to the fund and then recommend grants to your chosen charities over time. This simplifies the administrative aspects of philanthropy compared to making individual donations to multiple organizations.
  3. Flexible Grantmaking: You have the flexibility to recommend grants from the DAF to qualified charitable organizations. This flexibility allows you and your family to respond to changing needs, support a variety of causes, and adjust their giving strategy over time.
  4. Investment Growth Potential: Contributions to a Donor-Advised Fund can be invested, potentially leading to growth over time. The increased value of the fund can result in larger grants to charities, allowing you to maximize your impact in Merrick County.
  5. Legacy and Multi-Generational Giving: A Donor-Advised Fund can serve as a vehicle for multi-generational giving, allowing you to involve multiple generations in philanthropy. It provides an opportunity to pass down charitable values, engage in joint decision-making, and create a lasting legacy of impact within the community.

Establishing a Donor-Advised Fund offers a combination of financial benefits, administrative convenience, and the ability to create a meaningful and lasting impact through strategic philanthropy. It provides a structured and flexible way for individuals or families to engage in charitable giving while maximizing tax advantages and simplifying the overall giving process.


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