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Has Covid-19 added more stress and anxiety to your life?

As I sit and ponder what it has been like in my own environment over the last six weeks, I too have struggled with stress and anxiety. Although, I have no screaming kids running around, and no mouthy teenagers living here, my house is a quiet house. As I was reading the Republican Nonpareil this morning, Jacey Schwarz, RN Wellness Coordinator, “Stress and Your Health” article caught my eye.   Jacey starts out as saying, “stress is a normal part of life”.  I totally can relate to this!  I let certain circumstances stress me out more than they should, but the old saying goes, “that’s just life”, right?  As Jacey goes onto explain how to deal with stress and how it effects your body,  I’m thinking, there is no better time than “Corona time” for all of us to take her advice and put it into action.  Stress doesn’t pick on a certain age group of people, it happens to all of us, (even more now that we have changed our everyday routines) and even teenagers, could use a couple slow deep breaths in and out once in a while.  A couple of things I have found to help me through my days are;  Stop and call your family even if it is just to say hi, it will make your heart happy and the person on the other end of the line, happy too.  With the weather getting warmer and when the sun is shining, take a chair and sit outside.  Wave to the people walking bye, better yet, walk to the end of the block and back. That extra little movement will make your body happy.  That puts a smile on my face every time, it just might make you smile too!

If you have a chance to read Jacey’s article in last week’s newspaper… you will be glad you did!! 

                By Andrea Green


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