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Grant Application

Discretionary Grant Requests

Merrick Foundation's grant making programs give donors and organizations the opportunity to finance projects and programs which will enhance the quality of life for residents in Merrick County, Nebraska. The Grant Committee meets quarterly to review and recommend funding allocations to qualified organizations. Grant applications will be due January 2nd, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. Grant requests in excess of $10,000 will only be reviewed in July and October. Grant requests over $5,000 do require a match.

To review our grant guidelines, please click here. If you are a nonprofit located outside of Merrick County, Nebraska, AND you do not directly serve Merrick County residents, please contact our office before completing an application.

*Please note this form cannot be saved and must be submitted upon completion. If the page is inactive for a long period of time, you may lose your work.*

Address Line 1 *
City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *
Project Title and Description:
Cost breakdown/total budget for the project:
Amount requested from Merrick Foundation:
Have you applied for grants from another source?
Have you applied for grants from another source?
If yes, where have you applied?
Will you agree to completing a grant report, providing pictures and displaying Merrick Foundation signage for one month following completion (if you have a physical location)?
Are you planning to do any additional fundraising for this project?
If yes, what are your other fundraisers?
What community need does this meet?
Who else is addressing this need? Is collaboration possible?
What is the expected timeline for accomplishing this project?
Does this project require volunteers?
If yes, about how many hours?
Approximately how many people will be impacted by this project?
Will this project require continued funding? If yes, what is your plan to secure that funding?
How is success defined with this project?
We do require items to be purchased within Merrick County when it's feasible to do so. Do you foresee any purchases being made outside of Merrick County?
We do require additional items for submission. If you do not have the above items, we can help you draft and create one.
Balance Sheet
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Income Statement (for a 12-month period)
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Current Budget (for a 12 month period)
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List of Board of Directors
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IRS Tax Determination Letter (if you are a 501c3)
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